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Cranbrook is the leading basement design and construction company in London. A family owned business which over 40 years has not only developed and improved our Clients homes, but established lasting relationships founded on trust and built with respect.

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“We would like to put on record how impressed we had been with Cranbrook’s good organisation and workmanship and with the energy helpfulness and friendliness of you all”


“Fortunately we encountered few difficulties and if on any occasion we had a concern, it was resolved quickly, calmly and without fuss”.


“A swashbuckling adventure over 13 months we fought for Planning and won, we dug out over 1000sq ft, we installed turbo toilets, we went in search of light. We had a ball and at the same time we created a remarkable home”.


“Cranbrook Basements has been a delight to work with and we could not have hoped to have found a higher quality of work or a nicer bunch of guys anywhere “.


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